Newsletter 2 (23rd September 2016)

 Class One News

23rd September 2016

In Class One we are moving on from our earlier topics of Holidays and Under the Sea (which seems such a long time ago!) to stories about Friendship and Harvest.

Over the previous two weeks, in Literacy, all children have been practicing their handwriting and phonic skills, completing short tasks about their favourite sea creature, and about the feelings experienced by ‘The Rainbow Fish’: sad, lonely, nervous, angry and happy. The children have been very clever and have learned about ‘alliteration’ (making sentences with all words starting with the same sound and hearing initial sounds of words). In your book bag tonight you will find a little game to play which reinforces our work done at school.

 In numeracy we have continued our topic on “number, shape and pattern”. This has been integrated into the area of Expressive Arts and Design too! We have been very creative in Design and Technology: delicious crumbles (ongoing), Fishy CDs, dancing sea creatures, creating shell patterns and boat making.

Next week the children will be very busy, just like the farmers that we are seeing out in the fields. In numeracy we will be using the terms “one more” and “one less” with a focus on ‘Number bonds’ for our Year Ones, and counting and partitioning numbers up to 5 for our Reception children. In Literacy we will be looking for signs of Autumn in our local environment and sharing and discussing why we celebrate Harvest time in RE.


We hope your child has enjoyed reading and sharing their first school ‘reading’ books at home with you. The characters have been quickly picked up by all the children and, as with all families, there are lots of stories to tell and adventures to be heard.

Our sound of the week for next week will be ‘Tt’ followed by Jj.

Year One

In your book bag tonight you will find your first booklet of high frequency spellings. Please practise these words at home as often as you can using the look, cover and write method, as they are used often in our everyday writing sessions.


We would like Class One to become nature detectives over the next two weekends, looking for signs of Autumn around your local environment. Please bring into school evidence of these seasonal changes. You may want to take photographs, stick leaves, add weather reports or draw vegetables, grown or bought, onto the card provided.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs. O’Sullivan and Mrs. Turner 

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